A world of Dim Sum at your fingertips

Red Lantern’s Dim Sum Lunch Buffet now has 60 of the finest dim sum selection! 
Classic favorites combined with new selections make our popular Dim Sum 
Buffet bigger and better than ever. 

Monday to Friday
11:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.
Php 999+
Saturday, Sunday, and Holiday
10:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.
Php 1,388+

House-made Chinese Barbeque     
Glazed barbecued pork with honey sauce
Marinated sliced pork knuckle
Marinated duck wings in dark soya sauce
Braised bean curd with herbal soya sauce
Marinated shredded chicken with wasabi
Sliced cucumber in hot and sour sauce

Soup of the day
“Szechuan” style hot & sour soup
Sweet corn soup with asparagus
Assorted meat dumplings in superior stock

Dim Sum           
Shrimp dumplings with coriander (Har Gao)
Steamed pork dumplings (Siew Mai)
Glazed fluffy barbecued pork buns
Steamed beef balls with seasonal vegetables
Steamed pork ribs with black bean
Steamed chicken feet in Szechuan sauce
Steamed glutinous rice with chicken, mushroom and salted egg
Steamed chicken buns with sweet turnip and spring onion
Steamed shrimp ball with corn
Steamed chicken and shiitake mushroom
Rice Roll
Steamed rice roll with barbecued pork
Steamed rice roll with shrimps and coriander
Steamed rice roll with minced beef and coriander
Vegetarian Dim Sum
Steamed crystal dumplings with vegetables
Steamed bean curd rolls with vegetables
Steamed dumplings with chives, preserved radish, mushroom & shallots (Chui Chow)
Deep fried lotus paste buns
Deep fried vegetable spring rolls
Deep Fried & Baked
Deep-fried rice paper roll with shrimp and mango
Deep-fried mashed yam puff dumpling with diced chicken and mushroom
Deep-fried glutinous rice dumpling with minced pork
Crispy shrimp and pork wonton
Baked barbecued pork pastries
Pan-fried radish cake with sausage
“Shanghai” style pan-fried pork bun
Main Course
Crispy fried prawn salad with mix fruit
Crispy fried prawn with wasabi sauce
Classic Cantonese fried chicken with lemon sauce
“Kung Pao” style wok-fried chicken
“Dong Po” style braised pork belly
Sweet and sour pork
Sautéed sliced beef with straw mushroom in oyster sauce
Steamed garoupa fillet with garlic
Sautéed sliced chicken with bell peppers & black bean sauce
Braised bean curd with mushroom
Stir-Fried spinach with garlic
Asparagus with oyster sauce
Rice, noodles and congee
Fried egg noodles with char siew pork
Braised E-fu noodles with seasonal greens
“Shanghai” style fried noodles with shredded pork, mushroom and vegetables
Fried rice with minced beef and seasonal greens
Fried rice with diced chicken and salted fish
Congee of the day
Chilled mango sago with pomelo
Chilled taro with sago cream
Almond bean curd with fresh fruits
Sesame ball with lotus paste
Kataifi roll with avocado
Baked mini Portuguese egg tart
Prices are in PH, VAT-inclusive, and subject to 10% service charge.
Please inform our servers if you are suffering from food allergies.